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Our Story

Eshai Construction is a family owned and operated company based out of East Norriton, PA. Our goal is to perform good workmanship to all of our clients whether the job is big or small. We are competent and have a high standard on all services we provide. With 10 years of experience in the home remodeling industry we understand that  communication, honesty, respect, quality, trust and character are key components in this competitive line of work. 

Our Process


Walk through of the property

After submitting a form we will set up a free walkthrough to be able to properly assess the type of job you need. This allows for a more accurate quote because we are able to see the property to determine the team and equipment we will need.


Accept the Proposal

Once we provide a walkthrough, you will receive a detailed quote with a breakdown of your project based on our analysis. From here, we will discuss a start and finishing date. 


Cost Breakdown 

The total cost of the project will be broken into 3 payments. 1/3th of the total balance will be due on the first day the project begins. Midway through our project the second payment is due. Lastly, on the final day, after a walkthrough, the final 1/3rd payment is due.

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